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How To Set Up Apple Pay Across Your Devices
Which devices are compatible?
All iPhone and iPad models with Touch ID and Face ID support the digital payments service. Likewise, all MacBook models with Touch ID and computers paired with the Magic Keyboard that have a Touch ID, and every model of the Apple Watch, from the Watch 1 to the Watch 7, can make digital transactions.
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Add a card on your iPhone
It is important to set up Apple Pay in a particular order on your devices, starting with the iPhone. You'll need a supported credit or debit card and an Apple ID signed in to iCloud; add your card to the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone, and once added, you'll see an image of the card in the Apple Wallet app.
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Apple Watch
There are two ways to add a card to an Apple Watch. The first is to add the card directly through the Apple Watch, and the second involves adding a card with the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, which is easier.
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Mac and iPad
Open the Wallet settings on your device — for Mac, it’s within System Preferences as Wallet & Apple Pay, while on the iPad it’s in Settings as Wallet & Apple Pay. Tap on Add Card, select the card type you wish to add, tap on Continue, and enter details related to the card and verify them with the bank.
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use Apple Pay in person
On your iPhone, double-tap the side button or Home button to open Apple Pay. Then, hold the upper half of your iPhone close to a contactless reader to pay using the default card. Similarly, to use your Apple Watch, double-tap the side button and hold the display closer to the payment machine.
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use Apple Pay online
To make online payments, choose Apple Pay as your payment method or tap on the Apple Pay button while buying something. To confirm the payment, use any of your Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac; the confirmation method depends upon the model you're using.
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