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How To Send And Receive Texts From An Android Phone
On Mac
Apple’s seamless cross-device service syncing is one of the company’s most appealing features; however, the tech giant is less than generous about seamlessness when it comes to rival products. While the Apple ID system allows a Mac desktop to conveniently access the iPhone’s Messages app, an official workaround gives Android users the same service.
To receive your Android Messages on a Mac:

1. Open a web browser on the Mac desktop and go to Messages for Web for the pairing QR code.

2. Open the Messages app on your Android phone and tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner.
3. Select “Device Pairing,” then tap the “QR Code Scanner” button.

4. Scan the unique QR code onscreen and wait for the app to verify the link.

While you’ll have access to the app, there are some functional limitations such as the inability to send media files.