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How to See the Total Cost of Your Steam Library
Originally launched by Valve in 2003, Steam is a digital video game distribution service and storefront that hosts more than 60,000 games and averages 69 million daily active users at any given time. It's arguably one of the most successful gaming platforms in the industry today, but do you know how much you’ve contributed to Valve’s coffers?
Log into Steam's website and head to the platform's External Funds Used page. If you'd rather use Steam's desktop app, take the following steps: move your cursor to the upper left corner and click on Help, click on Steam Support, go to My Account, click on Data Related to your Steam Account, and scroll down and click on External Funds Used.
On the External Funds Used page, you’ll see basic information, such as TotalSpend and OldSpend. The TotalSpend figure shows the total amount of external funds linked to your account, while OldSpend shows money spent before Friday, April 17, 2015. Hopefully, you won't be too shocked by what your Steam habit has cost you so far.