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How To Scan QR Codes On iPhone
The little square-shaped, pixelated-looking barcodes known as Quick Response (QR) codes tend to be used as a sort of web address shorthand in most instances. Although you can scan a QR code with your iPhone locked, you won't be able to follow the link without unlocking it — so we recommend unlocking your phone to make the process smoother.
You then need to open the Camera app and point the rear-facing camera at the QR code. If the camera is able to see it clearly, four small yellow lines will appear around the four corners of the QR code, along with a yellow tag just under the code that will show you part of the web address to which the code is connected.
Tap the yellow tag to immediately open Safari and open the attached website. You can also tap the circular QR icon in the bottom-right corner of the camera display to pull up a menu that will display a more complete version of the web address and let you share, copy, or add the link to your reading list.
However, since QR codes can also be used for nefarious reasons, be mindful of where you find these codes before you scan and follow them. After scanning the code, click on the link to open the attached website — from where you can follow through and find information the creator of the code is trying to get across to you — and close the browser once you’re done.