Hamburg, Germany - November 22, 2014:
How To Reset Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote
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Resetting your Fire TV or Fire Stick remote regardless of its generation is pretty simple. First, make sure your remote is within 10 feet of the device, then unplug the power on your Fire device for a full minute. Next, hold down the Menu and Left button for first-generation remotes, or the Menu, Left button, and Back button for newer generations of the device.
Hold these buttons down for twelve seconds, and after releasing them, wait another five seconds, and then remove the batteries from the remote. Now, plug your Fire TV or Fire Stick back in, and wait a full minute before putting the batteries back into the remote — once you do, you can hit the home button and see if your Five TV is properly synced to the remote.
This process is different for Fire TV Stick Basic Edition users, as you will first hold down the Home button, hit the Menu button three times, and then release the home button. After the Home button is released, tap the Menu button no fewer than nine times, remove the remote batteries, and unplug your Fire TV or Stick for one minute.
Once the minute is up, you can replace the batteries and plug your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick back into its respective power source. It should then automatically turn on and take you to the Home screen. From here, hold down the Home button on your remote for 40 seconds and the setup process should now begin.