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How To Remove Malware From Your iPhone And iPad
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Over the years, iOS devices have been resistant to malicious software, but they aren't impervious. There are two primary ways in which malware can reach your device: through an infected file or app that you've downloaded, or via a security vulnerability in the operating system.
If your iPhone or iPad has been acting up, make sure you have the latest system/security updates and look for apps you don't remember installing. Upon locating a suspicious app, you should delete it right away — to do so, press and hold the app icon and then tap Remove App from the options menu that appears.
To ensure that method worked, reboot your iPhone or iPad and check for improvement. Doing this will reset all of the system resources and put a stop to any executable files or code that may cause weird stuff to happen.
You might as well try and restore your iPhone or iPad to a previously created backup, too. Check for an iOS or iPadOS backup from before you started experiencing trouble with your device, and if you're unsure if the backups were affected, go ahead and delete those as well.
If all else fails and your device is still acting up, you might want to consider doing a full factory reset and removing everything. To factory reset your iPhone or iPad, head over to the Transfer or Reset iPhone option and tap Erase All Content and Settings to erase all of the apps, data, and more importantly, any malware.