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How To Recreate iOS's Perspective Zoom On Android Phones
There’s an unending debate over which mobile operating system is better: Android or iOS, with both having their merits and features that continually fuel this argument. One area where Android outweighs iOS is the freedom to add features with third-party apps that can allow you to recreate many inbuilt iOS features, such as the iPhone and iPad’s Perspective Zoom.
This feature gives your background a 3D parallax effect by allowing the wallpaper to move as you tilt the device, creating an engaging illusion that feels true to life. Luckily, you can reproduce this effect on any Android device using an app called Doodle, which also allows you to change the intensity of the parallax effect, motion, and sensitivity toward movement.
To create a parallax effect similar to an iPhone’s Perspective Zoom, download Doodle: Live Wallpapers from the Google Play Store, then head to the Appearance section and choose the backgrounds you want to apply. Tap “Set Wallpaper” and choose either “Home Screen” or “Home Screen and Lock Screen” to finish the process and activate the iPhone-like Perspective Zoom background.
You can select your preferred accent color under the Variant section in the Appearance settings, or the system will pick dynamic colors automatically if you choose to set up an automatic wallpaper update. Android devices running Android 12 or above must support Google’s Material You dynamic theming engine called Monet for the system to choose accent colors.
Since this graphics-intensive task could slow down your phone if it doesn’t have an adequate processor, there are many options to optimize the parallax settings on Doodle. Enable the option for “Move When Tilting The Device” under Parallax settings, and then you can modify its intensity and response by changing the movement threshold, smoothness, and refresh rate of the animation.
However, there is one major limitation to Doodle — it currently only supports a specific set of wallpapers designed using the same philosophy as the default Pixel wallpapers, with no support for custom wallpapers. The 3D Parallax Background app is the closest alternative to Doodle, but Lamartine: Live Wallpaper is another option, though both have their drawbacks.