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How To Open The SIM Card Slot On Your Android Phone Without The Ejector Tool
If you desperately need to swap out the SIM card or install a microSD in your Android device, but can’t find the ejector tool that came with your phone, there are many household items you can use to do so. The first step, however, is to check the edges of your device for a small oval-shaped or rectangular cutout with a pinhole inside, as this is where the SIM tray is.
Any object or implement with a flat end that fits into the SIM ejector hole will do the job effectively, but a small enough paperclip is the safest and most recommended. When you have that, turn off your Android device, bend your paper clip straight, insert it in the SIM tray pinhole, and press gently until the tray pops out.
Most devices just have a single SIM card slot, but some might also have a spot for a MicroSD card and/or another SIM card, so add, remove, or swap any cards as needed. Once the cards are flat in their slots, you can slide the tray back into place — and it only goes in one way, so no worries about installing it upside-down.