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How To Make Custom App Icons On Android Phones
Customization has always been at the heart of the Android operating system, from simple changes like themes and fonts to more advanced ones, such as altering the device’s firmware. While the more complex modifications require some technical know-how, changing something basic, like the icons on your Android, only takes a few simple steps.
Changing your Android icons does require installing a custom launcher and getting the icon packs. According to Github, the pure, stock version of Android is called Launcher3, though some manufacturers use their own launcher instead. Luckily, you can choose from hundreds of free and paid launcher apps — this example will be using the ad-free Nova Launcher.
After picking a custom launcher, you’ll need to get bundles or “packs” of Android icons that fit well with your device’s themes and widgets from the Google Play Store. If the launcher can’t find a relevant icon for an app in the pack, it’ll revert to its default icon, but you can also create your own icons with custom designs using an app like Adapticons or Icon Pack Studio.
How to customize icons with Nova Launcher:

1. Long-press on a blank space in the Nova Launcher home screen until the gear icon appears.

2. Tap Settings > Look & Feel > Icon Style, then pick from the list of all installed icon packs.
For better customization, you can manually change the icon:

1. Long-press the app icon, then tap the pencil icon on the pop-up menu. Edit the app label or tap the app icon to change it. Select your chosen icon pack.

2. Scroll through the icon pack to find the replacement icon. Tap the new icon and then Done.