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How To Install Android 13 Beta On Your Phone
The big highlight of Android 13 isn't the design and aesthetics, but rather Google’s shift to privacy, security, and productivity — for instance, the OS is optimized for multitasking on tablets. If you have a Google Pixel or a supported device from an Android 13 beta partner, you can install and try the Android 13 beta on your phone right this minute.
On Pixel
Your phone will install Android 13 beta via OTA (over-the-air) updates once you've enrolled your Pixel in the Android Beta for Pixel program. Once you've signed up, all you need to do is head to Settings > System > System update.
If your device is ineligible for the program, you can use the official Android Flash Tool to manually install it. Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlock your Pixel, connect the Pixel to a computer with a USB-C cord, open the Android Flash Tool, select your build of choice (Android 13 beta 2, in this case), and flash that software.
On Partner Device
Once you’ve downloaded the required archive file from your manufacturer, enable USB debugging and connect your phone to your computer. Set up ADB on your computer and ensure your phone is detected by typing "adb devices" in the terminal.
Next, turn off your device, hold the power + volume down keys to enter recovery mode, then you should see a simple list of options. Navigate to "Apply update" using your phone's volume keys, press the power button, and type "ADB sideload" in the ADB terminal on your computer and hit enter (copy-paste the name of your downloaded file).