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How To Fix Your OnePlus When It's Charging Slowly
Modern OnePlus phones feature blistering fast charging support, delivering a full recharge in under half an hour, but what if you notice a drop in performance? Before you consider buying a new charger, resetting your phone, or taking it to the OnePlus customer service center, clean out the dust, dirt, moisture, and lint that may be clogging your charging port.
You'll need a flashlight or lamp, a toothpick or a cotton bud, and a compressed air duster or bulb syringe. Experts caution against blowing air on the phone because your breath contains moisture, making the cleaning even trickier, and recommend using wooden toothpicks or cotton swabs because they're non-conductive and don't interfere with the circuitry.
To get started, turn off your OnePlus, examine the USB port under a bright light, and use the compressed air duster or bulb syringe to clear out any loose dust and dirt. Next, gently and carefully scrape the build-up with the toothpick or cotton bud, finish off with a few more bursts of compressed air, and then turn your phone on and test if the slow charging is fixed.