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How to Fix Your Android Phone's Poor Battery Life
One of the easiest ways to save battery life on your phone is to turn down the screen brightness or use the Auto-brightness settings. You can also reduce your screen usage by using Google Assistant to launch apps and check your email, messages, and get it to do other functions just with voice control.
More recent mid-range and high-end Android flagship phones have high-refresh-rate display settings that you can toggle off to extend your mileage. You also have the option to use your phone’s built-in Battery-Saver feature, which pauses many of your phone's background activities that can be battery draining.
Adaptive Battery works by applying Google's smart algorithm tech to learn how you use your phone's apps and adjusts how much background activity each app uses accordingly. It can take up to as much as two weeks to understand usage and once it does, users often report a significant improvement in battery life.