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How to Clear Your Android Phone's Cache
Growing heaps of cache data can lead to app malfunction and failure and can contribute to loss of functionality due to lack of storage space. Besides deleting your old apps and junk files, consider clearing your cache and transforming your phone’s processing speed with the following purges.
By App
To clear the cache stored by a particular app, open Settings, go to Apps, select an app, scroll down and tap Storage, and then click Clear Cache. It is important to avoid tapping the Clear Data button; otherwise, all data associated with the particular app will be wiped from your device.
In Chrome
Open Google Chrome, select the three-dot button near the top right corner, tap History, and then tap the "Clear browsing data..." button in blue on top of the page. Uncheck the box next to Browsing data, check the box next to Cached images and files, and tap the Clear data button at the bottom of the page.
WIth a Single Tap
1Tap Cleaner from the Google Play Store essentially automates the clearing of the cache for each app on your phone individually. Once downloaded, click the Cache cleaner button with a broom icon and then grab yourself a relaxing beverage because the process will take a few minutes to complete.