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How To Clear The Google Maps App Cache On Your Android Phone
All apps reserve a tiny amount of storage for themselves when installed, known as data caches, to keep small packets of information to help the app load faster and consume less data. Although they don't use much of the phone's storage, apps like Google Maps may begin to slow down significantly over time, requiring you to clear these caches from time to time.
To clear the Google Maps cache on an Android phone:

1. Open the Settings app, select Apps or Application Manager, and tap on Maps.

2. Hit Storage & Cache. The next screen shows the storage information of the app, including the cache. Choose Clear Cache.
Another way to increase the loading speed of Google Maps is by clearing the Maps app data, which contains "shared locations, saved locations, and map tiles," and other similar information to shorten the load time. Open the app's Storage & Cache settings as previously described, hit Clear Storage, and tap Delete on the confirmation prompt.