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How To Clear The Cache On Xbox Series X
If your console is not working properly and you’re having trouble opening games, it might be the right time to clear the cache on your Xbox Series X to free up space and improve the device’s performance. Although there isn’t one, simple button to press to do that, there are three different ways in which you can clear your cache.
Press the Xbox button at the center of the controller, scroll to the right and open 'Profile & System,' locate the 'Power' option, and switch off the console. Unplug the cable from the power source and keep it disconnected for a few minutes, then plug it back into the power source, and switch it on by pressing the power button.
Settings Menu
Press the Xbox symbol in the center of the controller, scroll all the way to the right to open the 'Profile & System' options, then scroll down and select 'Settings.' In the menu that opens, scroll and select 'Devices & Connections,’ select 'Blu-ray,’ then 'Persistent storage,' and finally, 'Clear Persistent Storage.'
Resetting the Xbox Series X restores the console's storage to its factory condition, complete with a totally empty cache. However, doing this will log you out of the account on the device, so if you're planning to reset your Xbox Series X, keep your Xbox account details ready.
Press the Xbox button at the center of the controller, scroll right to open 'Profile & System,' select 'Settings,' scroll down to open options in the 'System' menu, hit the select button on 'Console info.,' select 'Reset controls,’ and then 'Reset And Keep My Games & Apps.' Once the device is reset, log in with your Xbox account details to check if the performance has improved.