The new Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console with the DualSense controller
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How To Clear Cache On Your PS5
The PlayStation 5 has many impressive hardware features, such as its built-in M.2 SSD that lets the console reduce loading times for most games, movies, and software apps. Although you don’t need to defrag an SSD to get the best performance and a long lifespan, you may eventually need to clear the console’s cache by accessing the console’s backend menu in Safe Mode.
1. Hold down the power button until it turns all the way off or shut the console completely off in the Quick Menu. Avoid putting it into Rest Mode.

2. Plug your DualSense controller into your PS5 via the USB-C cable and hold the power button on your PS5 until it beeps twice.
3. Press the Home button on your DualSense controller after the second beep. You should now be in the Safe Mode menu.

4. From here, scroll down to “5. Clear Cache and Rebuild Database” and select that option with the X button. Agree to the prompt on the next window, then wait for your PS5 to fully clear its cache and restart.