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How To Clear Cache On Windows 10
To improve performance and reclaim disk space, consider clearing your cache in Windows 10. As there are no major downsides, apart from maybe slower loading times once per app, clearing your cache should have things running a lot more smoothly, and best of all, only take you five minutes at the most if you follow this step-by-step guide.
Disk Cleanup
In your Windows search bar, type in “Disk Cleanup,” choose the C drive, where typically your operating system is installed, and click “Clean up system files.” Scroll down in the window that pops up, select “Temporary Files,” and click “OK.”
File Explorer
To clear the cache of this file management application, type in “File Explorer” into the Windows search bar, click “View,” then click “Options,” and pick “Change folder and search options.” In the Privacy section at the bottom, tap “Clear.”
DNS (Domain Name System) is responsible for storing website information separately from the browser cache. Type “CMD” in the Windows search bar, right click the search result, choose “Run as Administrator,” then type in exactly as follows: ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter.
Opting to use third-party programs to clear your cache could expose you to potential viruses and malware, as well as cause the removal of more files than you intended, which can be difficult or impossible to restore. Clearing your cache yourself allows you to have more control over what is removed, but if you do decide to use a third-party program, one popular tool is CCleaner.