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How To Clear Cache On The YouTube App
Apps use a pool of your storage, called the cache, to temporarily hold files they can access whenever needed to make reloading videos and pages faster. However, if the cache gets too full it can cause problems with the associated app — for YouTube, this can cause a multitude of strange problems, but luckily clearing the cache is simple.
To clear the YouTube app’s cache on iOS, delete and redownload the app.

1. Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap “General,” and “iPhone/iPad Storage.”

2. Tap the YouTube app from the list.

3. Tap “Offload App” to delete the app while keeping its data or “Delete App” to remove the app and its data.
To clear the YouTube cache on Android:

1. Open the Settings app, scroll down, and tap “Apps” or “Apps & Notifications.”

2. Find and tap on the YouTube app from the list of installed apps.

3. Tap on “Storage & Cache,” then tap “Clear Cache” to delete all the temporary data stored in the YouTube app.