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How To Clear Cache On Instagram
Like most web-based services these days, Instagram uses a cache to store information, which speeds up the app by reducing the time needed to revisit that data later. However, your Instagram app could experience performance issues due to being stuffed with data, requiring you to manually empty the cache to return the program to its proper speed.
Clearing the Instagram cache deletes all of the image, search, and exploration data that’s been stored over time without affecting your account or any of your posts and Stories, and it can be done on the app or a web browser. However, on a web browser, you’ll need to clear your browser’s own cache, which is under “More Tools” on Chrome, and under “Application Menu” on Firefox.
Clearing the cache on mobile devices is more straightforward, but it isn’t always convenient, as iPhones require you to delete the app by tapping and holding the app icon, selecting “Remove App” on the menu, and then reinstalling Instagram. Deleting also works on Android, but it isn’t necessary, as you can go into Settings > Apps and tap the Instagram app icon, then click “Clear Cache.”