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How To Choose the Best Android Phone for Your Budget (2023)
While Android has many flagship models that command higher prices, like the Galaxy S23 Ultra or the OnePlus 11, many of the budget devices often go overlooked. Thanks to factors such as advances in hardware and a vast selection from different manufacturers, there has never been a better time to buy a budget Android phone.
The budget-friendly phones fall into the sub $700 category and come in several tiers. The first is the upper mid-range or the flagship killer, which features high-end hardware, premium build quality, and few compromises. This tier, which includes models like the Galaxy S21 Fe, comes as close to the flagship experience as possible but at a price range of $600-$700.
Below this tier are the mid-rangers that aren't as cutting-edge or fast as you would find in the flagship or flagship killer class but still offer a decent experience for a price between $400-$600. The quintessential budget phones, like the OnePlus Nord series, aren't designed for remarkable performances, but they do well for everyday use and some light gaming at $200-$400.
The final range is the entry-level Android phones that have cut back on every feature and specification to deliver devices at the $100 mark. Choosing a phone depends on which budget Android meets your requirements and intended purpose, whether for gaming, photos, or everyday use; however, you should avoid phones with old processors as their age will show much sooner.