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How To Check If Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone
Although there's no accurate way to know if your number has been blocked by someone without getting confirmation from that person, you can use a combination of methods to deduce your status. One possible indicator of a block is the message delivery indicator in the "iMessage" app.
When you send a text with iMessage, "Delivered" (or "Read," if the recipient has the option enabled) will appear below the message to show that your message was received, even if the receiver has Do Not Disturb enabled. If your message isn't marked as Delivered and you aren’t given the option to send your text as a regular SMS message, you may be blocked.
If you call someone you’ve been blocked by, you'll likely hear the phone ring once and then immediately go to voicemail. This isn’t different from calling someone who has Do Not Disturb activated or is having connection troubles — it’s just that the receiver won't hear their phone ring, and your voicemail will be filed into their Blocked Messages voicemail folder.
If someone close to you suddenly isn't getting your calls or texts, they (a) might have accidentally blocked your number, (b) might be in an area with little reception, (c) may have turned Do Not Disturb on, or (d) may have drained their battery. However, if you think someone has blocked you on purpose, you should respect their choice and give them space.