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How To Apply For Twitter Verification
For Twitter verification, your account must be "authentic, notable, and active." Twitter has a long list of people and companies who qualify for verified accounts, including those involved in sports, entertainment, news, activism, government, and more.
To prove your authenticity, you’ll need a link to your official website that links back to your Twitter, a government-issued ID, and an official email address linked to a relevant organization. To prove that your account is notable, you may need to provide articles written by or referencing you, or official websites proving that you're part of the organization. Having a high follower count will help you greatly as well.
The next criterion is to have an active profile that is completely filled out, with a profile name and picture, a confirmed email address, and a phone number. In order to be considered active, you need to have logged into the account in the past six months and have stayed clear in terms of violations and lockouts in the past 12 months, successful appeals excluded.
To apply for the coveted blue badge, go to Twitter settings > Your Account > Account Information. Find the "Verified" section, tap "Request Verification," choose the category your account falls under, and narrow it down — for example, if you choose "Business," pick whether you're a company, a content creator, an individual in entertainment, or a production organization.
Finally, submit proof of your choice — where you may be asked to add up to three more links that prove your authenticity — add a website that links back to your Twitter account, and review all of the proof before submitting your request. Twitter may take up to 14 days to review your application, and you can apply again once 30 days have passed since your last denial.