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How Smart Motorcycle Helmets Can Change Your Ride
Wearing a motorcycle helmet can significantly lessen mortality if you wind up in an accident; estimates, in the United States alone, say that 14,283 motorcyclists died in road traffic accidents from 2008 to 2018 — 42% of them were not wearing helmets. There are so many types of helmets to choose from, but did you know that there are also smart options available?
While they may look the same on the outside, these intelligent helmets not only protect you from head trauma like regular helmets but are also equipped with add-ons that are integrated into their communication and entertainment systems. For instance, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can play music or get directions without taking your eyes off the road or fumble for a phone.
Many helmets also come with sensors, which offer a way for motorcyclists to know how close other vehicles are to them, especially in cases where they need to switch lanes. Functions for these helmets vary depending on the manufacturer — some offer chin-mounted cameras for navigation, while others feature noise-canceling modes to block out sounds from the freeway.