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How Often Should You Clear Your Browsing History On iPhone?
Although you don’t have to clear your browser history, doing so may give your iPhone a performance boost and keep your online activity private. How often you should clear your browser history is entirely up to you, as Apple doesn’t give any official guidance on when users should delete this information.
To clear the browser history, tap the Settings app, scroll down and click Safari, then tap Clear History and Website Data. According to Apple, clearing this information will not erase AutoFill information, meaning you won't lose all of your passwords and other conveniently stored information, but it will delete the browser cookies on your device and other browsing data.
If you're using a third-party web browser installed on your iPhone instead of Safari, you'll have to delete your browsing history from within the browser itself. In Chrome, for example, this involves tapping the menu button, then History > Clear Browsing Data. Mozilla has a similar menu layout, though users should tap the menu button, then History > Clear Recent History.