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How Much Will A Flying Car Cost?
Flying cars are no longer the stuff of science fiction, as a handful of companies are leading the way to bring personal aerial travel to the masses — although concerns remain about pilot qualifications and in-flight accidents. These obstacles aside, how much would it cost to buy a flying car and how many people would be able to afford one?
As car buyers can imagine, the cost of a flying vehicle varies and depends largely on its abilities; however, one thing is certain: It will be considered a luxury item. For example, Jetson, a Swedish company, plans to sell its model, the Jetson One, for $92,000, but the aircraft only provides 20-minute trips for passengers who weigh 210 pounds or less.
Another flying car comes from Xpeng, an EV maker in China, which plans to begin mass-producing its vehicle by 2024 with a retail price of nearly $157,000. Of course, with technology this advanced, the prices will only go up, and flying car enthusiasts could face costs over $1 million to experience this type of air travel.