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How Drones Could Be The Key To Eradicating Murder Hornets
Scientists in Washington are planning to deploy drone technology to track and negate the threat posed by swarms of the Asian giant hornet, which has been given the nickname murder hornet. Said to be the largest hornets in the world that can grow up to two-inches in size, they prey on honeybees and can be devastating for agricultural harvests.
The project’s key objective is to track and contain these swarms before they breed. So far, scientists have relied on Bluetooth trackers to follow their path, but battery life and short range proved to be a major hurdle, not to mention the danger of tracking a tagged hornet into the deep forest — that’s where the drone tech comes into the picture.
An aerial vehicle with a receiver strapped to it will be a quicker and safer alternative, and even though the drone-assisted hornet eradication plans are yet to lift off, it would be the first time that these airborne vehicles are put to use for tracking hornets. First discovered on U.S. soil in 2019, four nests of the Asian giant hornet have been destroyed in the country to date.