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How Do You FaceTime On Android?
All that Android users need to join a FaceTime call is the latest version of Google Chrome on their Android phone or tablet. When an Apple user sends you a FaceTime link, all you have to do is tap it.
Tapping the link will open the FaceTime call within Chrome. Enter the name you want the other participants to see, tap "Continue,” and click "Allow" when FaceTime asks for permission to access your Android’s camera and microphone.
Next, tap "Join" and wait so that the FaceTime call host can see that you're ready and accept you into the call. Once in the call, you'll have access to many of the same features as Apple users within Chrome, including controls for toggling your camera and microphone on and off, a camera flip button to switch between the front and rear phone cameras, and a full-screen button to expand the video call window.
Android users have the option of viewing others in the call with the Grid Layout interface, which presents each person in a tile and automatically highlights the tiles of people who are speaking. Android users can turn on Grid Layout by tapping the triple-dot setting menu button, then tapping the Grid Layout button.
Once finished with the call, users can simply tap the "Leave" button to hang up. However, despite being able to participate in a FaceTime session, Android users can't download the software and use it to make their own calls.