Moscow/Russia - 2020, November 02: new video game consoles: White Xbox Series S and Black Xbox Series X
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Hidden Xbox Series X|S Features That Will Make Your Console Even Better
Energy Saving Mode
If you want to save on your energy bills, consider using the “Shutdown Mode,” which completely powers down your Xbox Series X|S console at the price of a longer startup time of 45 seconds. To activate it, hit the Xbox button and navigate to Profile & System, Settings, General, and Power Options to select the best option for your preferred energy usage.
Controller Remapping
The ability to remap your controller layout is handy if a game’s default layout feels awkward or uncomfortable. To remap your controller on the Xbox Series X|S, press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to My Games & Apps, See All, Apps, and then the Xbox Accessories App, then select the New Profile option and customize your controller’s button layout.
Profile Controller
If multiple people use your Xbox Series X|S, you can set it up so that turning on a certain controller will log in to the associated profile. Tap the Xbox button and navigate to Profile & System, Settings, Devices & Connections, Accessories, and pick your controller from the list, then select the More Options icon and Assigned To, and then choose the profile.
Xbox Mobile App
Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, the Xbox Mobile App lets you quickly send messages to friends, initiate game downloads to your console, enjoy cloud gaming from your smartphone, and so much more. You can even manage your game library and console memory, as well as search and browse through the entire Xbox catalog of games
Break Reminders
While your brain may ignore the hours flying by, there is a hidden feature on your Xbox Series X|S that will periodically remind you to take a break. Press the Xbox button and navigate to Profile & System, Settings, Preferences, and Break Reminder, which will let you set a break reminder to display on your screen in 30-minute intervals.