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Hidden OnePlus 11 Features That Will Make Your Phone Even Better
Alert slider
The removal of the alert slider from the OnePlus 10T was met with an outcry, leading the manufacturer to bring back this three-position ringtone feature that made it easy to set your phone into either the Silent, Vibrate, or Ring positions. The top setting is for Silent — muting everything but alarms — while the middle is for Vibrate, and the bottom is for Ring.
Software control
The OnePlus 11 can control all OnePlus Buds without leaving the Settings app, though you will have to go into Settings, Bluetooth, then tap on the paired OnePlus Buds, and finally, on Earbud functions. Once in the settings, there are many options for your Buds, such as transparency mode and noise cancellation.
Private Wi-Fi
MAC addresses allow network operators to track your device anywhere it has a signal and sends your information to advertisers, but the OnePlus 11 adds an extra layer of security to your data by providing a randomized address. This feature can be toggled on by entering Wi-Fi > Advanced Settings > Privacy.
Power off
Past OnePlus devices powered off by holding the power button, but the OnePlus 11 now requires you to press the power button and the volume up button simultaneously to bring up the power off menu. This new onscreen slider can be swiped to restart or power down the device, and simply pressing the power button now invokes Google Assistant.
Battery health check
Android users can check the battery degradation stats with a dialer code, but the OnePlus 11 gives an easy way to find the relevant information inside the phone. Open the Settings app and navigate to the Battery, where there will be the Battery Health section; from here, you can also activate Wise Charging which could help make your battery last longer.