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Hidden Google Pixel 7 Features That Will Make Your Phone Even Better
Quick Tap
While this isn’t a new feature, those using a Pixel for the first time might not be aware of the phone’s ability to trigger specific actions by tapping the back of your phone twice. The Quick Tap can be turned on by entering System and enabling the feature in Gestures, giving you a shortcut for things like taking a screenshot or opening the camera app.
Adaptive Sound
The Google Pixel 7 can regulate the sound of the device without manually adjusting the volume, thanks to its Adaptive Sound feature. The phone can automatically change its volume in different environments once the feature is turned on by going into Settings, Sound & Vibration, and then selecting Adaptive Sound.
Auto Song Detection
Removing the need for a third-party app, the Google Pixel 7 comes equipped with an automatic song detection feature that will allow you to identify music. Head to Sound & Vibration in your phone’s Settings, then Now Playing, and enable Identify songs playing nearby. Your phone will soon show you a notification with the song’s name in it.
Quick Phrases
Although Quick Phrases first came out with the Pixel 6, it wasn’t advertised as much; however, this handy feature lets you automatically assign specific voice commands to do certain things on your Pixel phone. To enable Quick Phrases, tap on Apps, then Assistant, where you can turn the feature on and choose the ones you want.
Car Crash Detection
The Car Crash Detection feature has been available on Pixel phones for three years now, and once it’s triggered, it will ask you if you’ve been in a crash and would like to call 911. To have this ability, you need to have the Personal Safety app installed, and from the app, tap the Settings icon and turn on the feature.