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Here's Why The Tesla Semi Was Delayed So Long
In 2017, Tesla announced plans to begin production on its semi truck — a vehicle intended for companies seeking a more environmentally sound way of transporting their goods. It was to be powered by four electric motors from the Tesla Model 3, and the company claimed it'd have a zero to 60 acceleration time of five seconds and be “the safest, most comfortable truck ever.”
Although this isn't a truck for consumers to buy, there is still general curiosity about the way the Tesla Semi may affect the future of the trucking industry. While it would seem that the semi is still in the process of being made, fans and investors have been vocal about their desire to see what Tesla can offer and are wondering why the truck has been delayed for so long.
Supply chain issues seem to be at fault for the substantial holdup — a problem for every major automaker over the past couple of years, but it seems Tesla's delays are longer and more plentiful than those of its competitors. According to the company’s SEC filing, Tesla plans to launch the semi truck program in 2022, but no more specific timing has been confirmed.