Cassette tape with headphones and player
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Here's Why Cassette Tapes Are Having A Comeback
Interest in the 1980s and 1990s appears to be growing, as one staple of the period is seemingly making a comeback: the cassette tape.
Artists like Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift seem to be spearheading the re-adoption of this retro format, with both singers releasing their latest albums on cassette.
Other musicians, such as Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and Maren Morris have joined the bandwagon for cassette tapes and released music in the old format.
A seemingly endless list of legendary musicians who released cassettes in their prime are helping grow interest in the revived format by reissuing classic tapes.
The revival technically began in 2006 with hobbyists issuing tapes on the indie music scene, but their efforts didn't quite drum up the same demand there is now.
With no one predicting the revival of the obsolete format, manufacturers and music stores are struggling to meet demands for cassette tapes.