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Here's How To Screen Record On Your MacBook With Sound
1. Press Shift + Command + 5 together to pull up the screen record controls.

2. Click “Options” and choose a save location.

3. Pick any option under "Timer" and keep "Show Mouse Clicks" checked if needed. Select "Built-in Microphone" under "Microphone” if you intend to speak.
4. Choose either "Record Entire Screen" or "Record Selected Portion" for your screen record mode.

5. To record your entire MacBook screen with sound, click the fourth icon (window with record button).

6. Click anywhere on the screen or hit "Record."
7. To record a section of your screen with sound, click the fifth icon (marquee box with record button, drag the marquee box around the screen portion you'd like to capture, and hit “Record.”

8. To stop screen recording, hit the stop icon, and the video should appear where you selected previously.
1. To screen record in the QuickTime Player, choose "File" then "New Screen Recording." If the Screenshot toolbar shows up, do the same as before.

2. If the Screen Recording window shows up, click on the arrow next to "Record" to modify settings.

3. To monitor your audio levels while recording, adjust the volume slider.
4. Leave "Show Mouse Clicks in Recording" checked under "Options."

5. Screen record with sound by clicking "Record" and clicking anywhere on the screen to record the entire space, or select the space you want to record.

6. Stop by clicking the stop button on the menu, or press Command + Control + Esc.