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Google Pixel Tablet May Support The Accessory Steve Jobs Ridiculed
Google's announcement of a Pixel-branded tablet earlier this month was met with mixed reactions — on one hand, it's exciting that Google is finally launching a new slate, but on the other hand, the device looked disappointing in terms of design. Nonetheless, it may have a trick up its sleeve: support for an active stylus, something Steve Jobs hated with a passion.
Hints of this possibility were discovered by tech blog NuGiz in a device list on the Universal Stylus Initiative's website, but the sighting provides little more than the device’s codename "Tangor.” It also doesn't reveal which technology will be used to charge the stylus, though the USI standard just recently added NFC as a wireless charging method.
Admittedly, having stylus support sort of muddles the smart display angle that Google might be aiming for, but that also reinforces the Pixel tablet's identity as a real Android tablet. Equipping this upcoming model with a stylus could finally help give app developers the tools they need to improve the Android experience on tablets.