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Google Just Introduced Multisearch - Here's Why You Should Care
Multisearch is a new feature rolling out for Google Lens that’s geared toward assisting with those particularly tricky searches. Based on AI, multisearch uses text and images at the same time to help you make your queries more specific and narrow down searches that would be too vague using just text or images alone.
To use multisearch, you’ll need an image of something you want to search for, like a screenshot or a photo. Once you have your image, swipe up, tap "+Add to your search," and then add text to further refine your search. Google says that multisearch allows you to find out more about items you encounter in the wild or narrow searches "by color, brand or a visual attribute."
While multisearch could be a useful feature, its functionality may be somewhat limited at the start, as it's just rolling out in beta in the United States with support only for English. According to Google, multisearch works best for shopping-related searches, though with backing from AI, it probably won't be long before the feature is up and running for all kinds of searches.