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Google And Samsung May Soon Usher In The Smart Contact Lens Market
The concept of smart contact lenses isn't new, though the technology is hardly ready for mass adoption. However, Google and Samsung — which have been laying the groundwork for smart contact lenses for a few years now — will reportedly be at the forefront of this new industry, perhaps serving as the catalyst for an entirely new type of wearable.
Sony — who has a large stake in imaging — has been named as one of the leading companies in the upcoming smart contact lens market, and Google has a dedicated research organization as well. Additionally, Verily Life Sciences was hoping to create smart contact lenses for non-invasive blood sugar monitoring, but nothing has come of that yet.
A new Global Market Vision analysis reports that a new smart contact lens market will rise in the next five or so years and will have an explosion in growth with the aforementioned companies marching in full force. However, the inconveniences of wearing these combined with niche usage scenarios might demoralize people, unless these companies figure out a way of using these for connecting us with the metaverse.