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Galaxy Watch 5 Might Say Goodbye to a Popular Feature
One of the fan-favorite features of the Galaxy Watch, previously known as the Gear S, is a physical rotating bezel that can be used to control the watch. Unfortunately, the feature may actually be gone for good in the next iteration of Samsung's smartwatch.
Although more of a novelty, taking its inspiration from a similar mechanism found on most sports watches, the rotary bezel sets Samsung’s smartwatches apart. It lets wearers scroll through options and content without tiring their fingers by swiping over and over again.
As part of the “Classic” model of smartwatches, the rotating bezel may be in jeopardy. SamMobile, a Samsung fan site, is reporting that the Classic model might be retired and that the Galaxy Watch 5 later this year will come with only one model in various sizes.
It's still unclear whether that means the rotary bezel will also be going away or if it will become a standard feature. Samsung has been using a touch-sensitive bezel for the past few years, so it does have an alternative already in place.