Vandalia - Circa October 2022: Ford Electric charging station for the Mustang Mach-E, Fusion Plug-In and the F-150 Lightning.
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Ford's Electric Pickup Can Power Your House In An Outage, But The Cost Could Be Massive
Ford's F-150 Lightning is an incredible feat of engineering and has won over many who were skeptical of the more environmentally friendly truck iteration. On top of all its features, such as having the equivalent of 580 horsepower and a battery that can last around 240 miles of range, Ford claims that the truck can power an entire house for an extended period.
While this feature could put the F-150 Lightning ahead of its competitors, there are some significant catches. Using the truck as a backup home power supply requires a Charge Station Pro Level 2 charger, which costs $1,310.00 plus tax if you didn't receive a free one by purchasing the extended-range version of the vehicle.
You will also need to purchase the "Home Integration System Hardware" from Sunrun, and hire the company or an electrician to install the add-on. The hardware is priced at $3,895, but that figure only gets you a cardboard box full of parts. You'll also likely need the correct permits and "local utility co-ordination" before your truck is part of the grid.
MotorTrend writer Christian Seabaugh received a quote from Sunrun for the whole process and found the cost to be $17,340, including several upgrades to his home needed for the hardware. The feature might be costly, but there are some benefits as Ford claims the extended-range model can power the average American home for over three days.