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For Exclusivity, Forget Supercars: Think Volvo
For true exclusivity, you need something nobody else is really buying, and for that you may need to look to Sweden — not just anyone in Sweden, but Volvo, and not just any Volvo, but the V90.
In the US, in 2020, Volvo sold only 279 of its V90 wagons. However, their sales struggles are your clout-chasing opportunity.
Although the top speed is limited to 112 mph, part of the charm of a handsome car is being seen in it. If you take a cruise in the V90, you will definitely manage to turn a few heads.
The way the Swedes combine technology with authentic materials like wood, leather, and metal feels considered and special. It's luxury, but it's not quite the same flavor as everyone else.
Since sales expectations for the V90 are so low, it's a special-order model rather than something dealerships will keep in stock. Wagon converts are made as soon as they set eyes on its seductive flanks.