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Fixing a PS4 Controller That Won't Connect or Charge
If your PS4 controller suddenly and inexplicably seems 100% dead, no lights, no connection, then you likely have a USB issue. To revive your controller, you’ll need to buy a PS4 controller charging station, the kind that charges through the ports on the bottom of the controller rather than through USB, which can cost between $15 and $25.
Should that not work but you still see lights, you’ve lost connection with the PS4 and need to pair the controller by pressing the reset button on the bottom near the L2 button. Alternatively, you can power off the PS4, then press the controller reset button, plug in the USB cable, turn the PS4 on, and once the blue light flashes, press the PS button on the controller.
If neither of those two methods resurrect your controller, try this: Press and hold the PS and Share buttons simultaneously, wait until the light on the controller starts flashing, release the buttons, and plug the controller into the PS4 using a USB cable if it doesn't automatically show up on the PS4. Use a different cable or USB port on the console, if you’re still having issues.
If the controller is old, you may have a battery that can no longer properly hold a charge. If the controller isn't covered by a warranty, your best option is to manually remove the battery and replace it with a new one. If you have a warranty and everything above has failed, you should return the controller for a new one, as it is probably fairly new and has some sort of defect.