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Every Way To Take A Screenshot On Your Android Phone
Whether it’s to share something you’ve found on the internet or something you need to reference later, taking screenshots is one of the most useful features every Android phone user should know to do. There are several ways to do a screen grab, but some Android smartphone brands may have capabilities that are easier to use than others.
According to Google, the most basic method that should be doable on almost any smartphone with Android 11 or newer installed is simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons. You should see a small preview of the screenshot you just took, but if it didn’t work, try long-pressing the buttons and then check to see which Android version is installed on your device.
Android 12 users can also take a scrolling screenshot to capture an entire webpage:

1. Press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

2. Tap “Capture More” on the menu. It may say something similar to “Scroll” or appear as a square icon with multiple arrows. Use the crop tool to define your screenshot, then press “Done.”
Xiaomi and OnePlus users can use three fingers to trigger screenshots by either long-pressing the screen or swiping down. These features need to be enabled in the phone’s settings: Xiaomi users can go to “Additional Settings” and activate it in “Button Shortcuts,” while OnePlus users can do so by finding the gesture switches in “System Settings” under “Gestures & Motions.”
Samsung phone owners have a similar palm swipe gesture feature which can be enabled in Settings > “Advanced Features”> “Motions and Gestures” by turning on “Palm Swipe To Capture.” Some Huawei smartphone users can knock on the screen with their knuckle to take a still, or they can go to “Shortcuts & Gestures” under “Smart Assistance” and pick “Take Screenshot.”
Some Android smartphones have special features to quickly access screenshot controls, like Samsung Galaxy’s “Smart Select” tool that uses the S Pen to select parts you wish to screenshot, or Xiaomi’s "Quick Ball" feature, which works like a sort of shortcut button. Phone manufacturers, like Xiaomi and Huawei, also include a button for screenshots in the notification tray.
Avid users of Google Assistant or Bixby can give a voice command to take a screenshot of their phone screen whenever needed. Simply say, “Hey Google (or Bixby), take a screenshot,” or you can also long-press the respective buttons that activate the virtual assistants and then say, “Take a screenshot” to achieve the same process.