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Do EVs Last As Long As Gasoline Cars?
Consumers often grapple with the option to purchase cheaper goods or more expensive, quality items that can last long enough to justify the high price tag. As studies have demonstrated, shoppers gravitate toward products they know will last longer, and this also applies to the automotive market and the decision of whether to purchase an electric vehicle.
Unfortunately, this question doesn’t have a simple answer, as there are different factors to consider. A traditional gasoline-powered vehicle will likely outperform an EV before requiring essential part replacements, and it will be less expensive to fix minor damages, but EVs have an overall lower maintenance cost and easier schedule throughout the years of ownership.
Many modern batteries in electric vehicles can easily match the 200,000-mile range of traditional combustion engines, but the total battery capacity degrades over time, making a full charge less effective the longer the unit is used. However, even as EVs battery begins to degrade, they will still likely fall under the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning a failure or substantial drop off in performance may be covered completely by the manufacturer.