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Common Camera Problems On Android Phones And How To Fix Them
If your Camera app is constantly crashing, try resetting your phone to fix any bugs by pressing and holding the Lock/Power Button and then tapping Restart. Clearing the cache and data of corrupted files in Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage may also resolve the issue, as can updating the software.
The solution to the camera’s flash not working may be as simple as checking to see if the setting is turned on, which is indicated by a lightning bolt or flash symbol on the app’s HUD. After confirming it's on, check to ensure nothing obstructs the light and that your phone has enough battery life to enable flash.
Phones short on storage space won’t save new pictures and may require deleting old files, inserting an additional memory card, or moving files to cloud storage — you can check to see if storage is the issue in Settings > Storage. Third-party gallery apps may also have trouble recognizing your photos, so try re-installing the app or using another gallery app.
Slow response
A Camera app that responds slowly or freezes entirely could indicate your phone is reaching its performance threshold and might require closing additional apps running in the background. You might also resolve the issue by freeing up storage space and updating your phone or by disabling Power Saving mode in Settings > Battery.
Blurry photos
You may find your photos are blurry or out-of-focus, but this issue could have an easy solution, such as tapping on the screen to select the focus or choosing the correct shooting mode for your photography style. For those with sensitive lenses or shaky hands, using a tripod is a great way to steady your camera.