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Can Someone Unlock My Car with Their Remote?
Key fobs have evolved greatly, from the 1950s with remote control technology to the mid-1990s with rolling code encryption. Even though the latter randomly generates new codes every time owners lock or unlock their cars, is it still possible for someone like thieves and hackers to break into the vehicle?
It turns out rolling codes are not completely foolproof, and drivers should be wary — especially if they have a keyless car. “Hackers and criminals are getting even more sophisticated,” said Doug Shuppe from the American Automobile Association, explaining that there are new hacking devices that can amplify a transmitter's signal and make it easier to break into a car.
To protect themselves, car owners can provide some extra security by using a Faraday bag, which actively works to block all fob signals due to its copper-foil lining. They can also put their key in a metal or tin box while at home, and of course, make sure not to leave any valuables in their car to entice criminals in the first place.