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Apple's iPadOS 16 May Change the Way You Multitask
Although Apple’s iPad Pro remains an unrivaled tablet on the market, professionals often find themselves frustrated with a few of the glaring iPadOS limitations. Issues, such as lackluster file management and failure to provide true external display support, may finally be addressed with the upcoming unveiling of iPadOS 16 at Apple's WWDC 2022 conference in June.
Consumers will have to wait for official details to drop, but that hasn’t stopped designer Parker Ortolani from dreaming up and sharing his own conceptual vision for iPadOS 16 on Twitter. iPad Pro users will probably like what they see, fueling not only excitement for iPad OS 16 but also anxiety over whether Apple will actually bring the enhancements and features they want.
Ortolani’s concept imagines expanded split-screen views, different on-screen app configurations, and a Mission Control for better organization. It bridges the gap between macOS and iPad OS and teases owners with an experience that would better facilitate the needs of professionals — but will Apple deliver something as exciting with its own official iPadOS 16?