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Apple Made Two New Dual USB-C Chargers - Here's The Catch
Unveiled at WWDC 2022, the new MacBook Air introduces a whole new aesthetic from its predecessor, adopting the flat style Apple debuted on the MacBook Pro 16 last year. There's a bigger display, an upgraded 1080p FaceTime camera, and of course the Apple M2 chip inside for more power without penalties on battery life.
When it comes to charging, though, the highlight is the new adapter. For the first time, Apple's bundled charger has not one but two USB-C ports, meaning users can recharge not only the MacBook Air but anything else that relies on a USB-C cable like an iPhone 13, using a USB-C to Lightning cable, or an iPad Pro, using a regular USB-C cable.
The downside is that the dual USB-C charger maxes out at 35W, which is fine for a regular charge of the new MacBook Air, and indeed to quickly recharge an iPhone. However, if users want to take advantage of the Air’s new-found fast charging support, namely a 50% top-up in 30 minutes, they’ll need the 67W USB-C Power Adapter that Apple offers as an alternative.
Users won’t have to pay extra to get the more potent charger, but unfortunately, it only has a single USB-C port, and the charger brick itself is considerably larger than the new dual-port version. Therefore, it might be better to buy the 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter on its own, priced at $59, according to the Apple Store.
International travelers, however, might want to consider separately purchasing the 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter. It isn’t as small as the Compact, but has the ability to slide off the two-pin power adapter and slot in a different version from Apple's World Travel Adapter Kit, allowing it to be used with outlets in the UK, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.