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Apple Just Removed A Vital AirTag Feature
Apple seems to have intentionally gotten rid of an important AirTag feature, as users can no longer track the battery levels of AirTags in the Find My app. For the uninitiated, AirTags are small, circular devices that can be attached to items, such as a keychain or a backpack, and help track the whereabouts of those items through the Find My app by playing a sound.
Prior to this change, AirTags had a small battery indicator located in the Apple Find My app, where each AirTag had an icon that provided a visual of battery life and would turn red when it was time to replace it. The latest version of iOS — iOS 15.6 — provides no battery icon at all; instead, Apple sends a notification when the battery needs to be replaced.
This change seems intentional — Apple also removed the icon in Find My interfaces in macOS Monterey 12.5 and in watchOS 8.7, and edited the contents of a support document for the AirTags. Apple hasn't officially commented on the matter, but it's possible that it chose to get rid of battery life tracking on the AirTags because it was often inaccurate.