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Apple Just Launched The Last USB Charger You'll Ever Need
The two Apple 35W power adapters, announced at WWDC 2022, are finally available for purchase on the Apple Store. The new power adapters are unique in that both of them feature twin USB-C ports, allowing them to simultaneously charge two compatible devices at a time; offer identical charging speeds; and, share the same price tags.
What is different, however, are the sizes — with one of them boasting a compact form factor and the other coming in a standard size. Apple recommends the smaller charger for those living inside the U.S., but suggests the larger one for international travelers, as it includes the ability to pair with Apple's World Travel Adapter Kit.
Apple has confirmed that the compact version of the twin USB-C adapters will be part of the retail package with the newly launched M2-powered MacBook Air. Other things to note are that the adapter will not be able to charge at full 35W in case users decide to charge two devices simultaneously and that users will need to purchase compatible charging cables separately.