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Apple Car Is Making Some Serious Moves
The almost mythical Apple Car has been in the works since at least 2015, when its internal project codename "Project Titan" first surfaced. Even though the Apple Car has had a long and difficult gestation period, rife with executive turnovers, Project Titan seems back on track and set to deliver an EV with potentially full self-driving capabilities.
With the hiring of Desi Ujkashevic, Apple sends the strongest signal in recent times that the company is steadfast in its desire to bring an EV to the public. A 31-year veteran of Ford, Ujkashevic is a highly skilled engineer who headed global teams involved in interior design, chassis design, exterior design, and electrical design.
Ujkashevic has been joined recently by dozens of engineers from Tesla, Rivian, Waymo, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo in what appears to be a final push to get the car ready for market. Apple is said to be targeting 2025 as the car’s launch window, which means the vehicle would have been in active development for around a decade by the time of its release.
Before Steve Jobs’s dream of an Apple Car can come true, though, Apple will inevitably have to partner with another carmaker to get it to market. As with its consumer technology, which is "Designed in California" but made in China, India, and Vietnam, Apple doesn't own any factories that could produce a car.