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Android Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Increase Your Productivity
Like a similar iOS keyboard function, this Android feature allows you to use the keyboard’s spacebar as a trackpad to precisely drop your cursor in the middle of a word or sentence. Put your finger on the spacebar and move it either left or right to place the cursor where you want it in the sentence.
Special characters
Rather than pressing the ?123 button for special characters and numbers, Gboard allows users to access these symbols with a simple shortcut. You can long-press a character on the keyboard to access related special symbols, including accented versions of letters, numbers, and punctuation.
While Gboard makes it simple to capitalize a letter, it also allows you to change the case of an existing word or sentence. The capitalization can be altered quickly by highlighting the already written word or line and tapping the Shift key multiple times, depending on if you want it to be all-lowercase, initial caps, or all caps.
Suggestion strip
The suggestion strip can help save time with predicted words; however, this process can be quicker, as Gboard also has Smart Compose integrated. Similar to Gmail completing entire sentences for you, certain messaging apps have this function that can be turned on by entering Text Correction in Gboard’s settings and enabling Smart Compose.
In addition to being able to copy and paste texts and images from your clipboard, you can add contacts from your phone book to your suggestions. In Gboard’s setting, go into Text Correction and enable Suggest Contacts to have full contact info as suggestions; afterward, you can manage what’s suggested from the clipboard.